Saving Money + DIY Not Enough? Let's Make Money-- for real.

I know, I know-- I made this to help people save money, do it yourself (diy), and to make money, yet I haven't done much to help you make any real money. Now; there are plenty of ways that you hear about online to make money. They all claim to be easy, they'll tell you that you've got a limited time offer and price for either an e-book or a piece of software that will do your homework for you. Sorry, it doesn't work that easy. Money isn't made easily online-- I know a few tricks, but I still don't know enough about how to do so and be successful enough to discuss about it like other things that I've experimented. Instead, for now, I'm going to talk to you about practical ways to make money. Things you don't need to rely on the internet for. This seems almost dillusional to people today; making money on the internet is supposed to be the easiest way! I can already hear them crying this out and getting ready to burn me. Well, sorry; it's not. There is a lot of work involved in creating a successful business online; and even so, the results are modest. The people that make thousands have done a lot of homework and tested out a lot of software and know things that won't ever leak out to the average people like you and I. I know this because I've spoken with a few over the years. But alas, you do not want to hear me ramble about such things. You've come to get to the point and find out how to make money. Well, the ideas listed below will most certainly fetch some extra money for your pocket if you are willing to hustle a little and know what you're getting into. Ready?

Before I jump in, i want to clear up some other things. All the time I see articles about ways to make extra money (hey, I'm in the same boat-- I want to make some extra money too) and the articles are absurd. It's clear that these people have NO idea what they're talking about. What comes to mind is people that just say, "Hey, become a freelance writer." Of course, that sounds easy. To be a freelance writer is a lot of hard work. Just because you can write strongly and use correct punctuation and grammar does not even come close-- this market is cut-throat (trust me, I do it everyday) and no amatuer is just going to waltz in and make some easy money. I'll possibly write an article on ways that people say make money but don't. Don't hold me to it, but it's a very real possibility.

Substitute Teach-
This is actually a pretty easy game. Contact the school, they'll put you on a list. If your name comes up, you get a call early in the morning saying they need you for the day. Babysit the nice little boys and girls and collect your paycheck. If you get good reviews, you'll get called back more often. In bigger school systems, this could become a full-time job. However, this doesn't really work if you already have a 9-5. If you work a second or third shift, it might work out pretty well. Either way, it's something to look into.

Pet Sitter-
This is one of the few "odd" jobs that I really like. This is completely possible once you have references; but getting those references could take some time. This is pretty much perfect for people that work short shifts, becuase it gives you plenty of time to work around a dog's bathroom hours. The money from what I hear is pretty good. And who doesn't like to get a little extra pay at the end of the day?

Pet Walker-
This is a field of work that I've seen spring up in the cities; people like to have pets but don't like to have to walk them all the time. It's funny because I'll often be walking down the street and throughout the course of the day see the same girl walking 4-6 dogs; and it's not like I just hang out on the street corner watching the world go by! That's easy money and good exercise; and it's great if you love animals and especially if you can't have a pet-- it's almost like it but without the mess. The pay is pretty good from what I hear (I sometimes get to talk to these girls, usually while the dog is jumping on top of me), and it seems that if you look in any classified section or Craigslist it's a job out there for the taking.

Sell Stuff for People-
This is a bit of a small window business. By this I mean that it will work to sell stuff for your family-- I'm really good with computers and technology and was asked by my uncle to sell and old stove in his house from the early 1900's. He was hoping to get $300 for it; I made $900-- he gave me $450 and we were both happy. Talk to people. Especially people that are moving.

Re-Sell Items from Yardsales-
This is a great way to make money, but you need to be well-rounded in item values and be aware of whether there is a market for the item. Buying a bunch of vintage Metallica pins won't be worth much if you're trying to re-sell them in Mexic0- and unless it's absolutely necessary; stay away from using Ebay. The fees are brutal. Stick to website like Craigslist and Freecycle. Go to yardsales early, find stuff that you know is way underpriced; lowball them on the item, do what you can to bring down the price and then take it. Clean it up, take some pictures, estimate the value and throw it on some free website like state above. If you can get 10% or more, the effort is worth it.

In fact, yard sales are a great way for anyone trying to save or make money. They offer people an open market of used goods, often underpriced and only seen my a small amount of the public. I've got my own system of working yardsales to save money (and occasionally making money), and I'll save it for another day. These are literal gold mines for people that are intelligent about what the value of items are; and if you have too much stuff, it's a great way to find out what your stuff is worth and if you want you can hold your own-- maybe I'll see you there.

Bartending is an underrated gig. A person with no experience can get in for afternoon shifts at a golf club or something of the sort to build some experience and make minimum wage + tips; but if you stick to it, even a few nights a week can me an extra $400 a week. The classes they offer for $200-300 are pretty much useless, most bars want to train you themselves. They all have their own view of how things are supposed to be done, and will want to have you "customized" to their specifics. You also make great friends doing this work and the stories you have to share afterwards are invaluable. Easy money and a fun environment makes this one an awesome choice.

Is there money in blogging? Yes and no. To make money blogging requires you to understand a lot of things. To make a lot of money blogging requires that you spend money yourself. Not only this, but you need to spend it in the right places. This blog that you see right now is free. I pay nothing for this to run, and Adsense pays me (barely) for the few ads you see up here. The money is almost nothing, but I'm more concerned with seeing what type of traffic I can generate. I would like to make this blog make money blogging but at the moment it seems to be an uphill battle. There are things involve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and keyword use as well as backlinks and on-page optimization and off-page optimization which may or may not include things such as RSS Subscribers, affiliate links, black-hatting, white-hatting, etc. The amount of knowledge you'll need to take this on to make any money is absurd-- be ready before you try it. Otherwise, you'll wear yourself out after you've made fifty cents and claim that there is no money blogging.

The things I have described above haven't given you any easy ways to make money, but they are all ways that do work, if you are the right person to take on the job. There are plenty of other ways, some will work for you, some won't, but many seem to be just unrealistic. I can't help but imagine these are the same people that write the articles about the items I described earlier this month about items that don't work to save money. It seems people write articles they aren't educated enough to tackle. On the bright side, I'm trying to make money too-- so I experiment right along with you in trying to make these things work; when I save money, you save money-- when I try a diy project that works, I pass it on to you!