The Beginning

this is my welcome to this wonderful website where I attempt to raise money through various activities which I have been told can supplement your income. This being the first (and don't even get me started on how I think it's a load of shit). This is what happens when you decide you want to become a writing major and get an MFA in short fiction. It's like someone grabs you by the balls and puts a scalding hot light bulb in between your butt-cheeks (apparently spell-check tells me butt-cheeks is supposed to be either "butterscotch" or "button holes") being spread by vice grips.

I have done a fair amount of researching on the various ways that a person can increase the amount of income they can make through temporary jobs, internet "telecommuting", etc. This little blog thing where, as Mrs. Palin would put it, Joe Six-Pack can come read what I say allows me to make money. Yeah, ok; we'll see. I've got a few small things lined up, but right about now I am just about to pass out so I shall cut this first entry short.

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