So you Want to fly cheap-- how about Ryan Air?

Well well well... look what we've got here. Some kid who thinks that RyanAir is going to solve all of his financial issues with traveling in Europe. Well, kid, I've got some bad news. It ain't that easy. First, Ryan Air won't mention to you that if you're an American citizen you'll be slapped with fines each way. We're talking at least 10 Euro each way. So put that onto the flight cost. Now, tally on the cost of the bus to the out-of-the-way airport that you'll be going to... on each end. That's another 16 Euro each way. Now, tack on the fact that at least one of your flights WILL be late and/or a non-arrival (which they won't tell you about, just like how they won't tell you that the gate has been switched to the other side of the airport), never mind the fact because of their times you'll probably be sleeping in an airport. Been there, done that; not fun. Now, if all of this makes it still sound worth it, or even make it seem as though it is more of an experience than other flights, go for it. As much as I complained about them, I probably will, because frankly I can't afford anything more expensive if I fly. That type of flying is still a treat. However, some notes from someone with prior flying experience with this "wonderful" company.

A) Be prepared for anything. I mean anything. Almost all the plane engines sound like they're about to burn out; I can't say why (my belief is that they opt'd out of the insulation in the plane so that the engines are extremely loud and sound like there's something wrong when there isn't). The noise seems to quiet down as the flight continues, but it still gets your heart going initially.

B) No, really, be prepared for anything. They'll never be consistent; sometimes they weigh baggage and sometimes they don't. Sometimes they'll hit you with the you're-an-american-so-you-suck-pay-this-fee and sometimes they won't. It's very odd.

C) If you happen to end up at Stansted Airport, you'll see hundreds of young and old men and women all over the floor in sleeping bags and blankets; don't be alarmed. I was more worried about the security guards walking around with the AK-47's. I highly recommend sleeping on the water heaters that surround the building; they're wide and don't get too hot, which is great for winter travelling. No one really seems to have figured them out yet, so shh!

D) If you end up in Pisa (Galilei Airport); there is no way to be comfortable, and there is nothing near the airport (except for a supermarket like a mile away). Bring sleeping bags or a blanket, the chairs are brutal. The only chairs you've got a chance of being comfortable on are on the second floor next to the Bank. The food is also ridiculously expensive, so I recommend hunting down that supermarket. However, be prepared to know some Italian. It's kind of nice, though, because they don't think you're a tourist if you can speak enough (they don't really have tourists in that area of Pisa).

E) No matter what, always buy bus tickets that are not time specific, because you will miss that bus. No matter what you think, you ARE going to miss that bus. If you must, buy for two hours later than you expected. Even if you land on time, depending on the airport the customs could take hours. Even if the line isn't long. Just trust me on this; you'll thank me in the long rung.

Got it? Now go travel.

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